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Saad Al Kenany
Founder & CEO

Saad Al Kenany, founder of Solera Labs, is a Senior Aerospace Systems Engineer and former NASA Systems Engineer with 25 years of experience designing complex systems like space robotics, optical MEMS, Space based sensors for Attitude and Orbit Control systems.

Mr. Kenany is a Senior Aerospace Systems Engineer and former NASA Infrared Systems Engineer with 20 years hands-on experience in IR systems, aerospace instruments, MEMS and nanotechnology. He was the CEO of Micro-Photonics, Inc., a Canadian company, and then co-founded Optics Thermo Sense, Inc., also of Canada. On behalf of OTS, he established the subsidary Solera Laboratories, Inc. in the United States.

Mr. Kenany is the holder of several patents and awards and he has worked at top research institutions Worldwide such as Fraunhofer Institute and Hahn-Meitner Institute, in Germany, Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science and the Solar Physics Laboratory in Canada and Space Physics Research Laboratory, SETI institute, NASA Ames, and several fiber optics and optical MEMS corporations in the United States.

Prof. Marc Madou

Dr. Marc Madou is a Chancellor's Professor for Bio-MEMS at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at UC Irvine. His research focuses on micro- and nano-machines. Dr. Madou is conducting experiments with a "smart pill" and is building fractal-like carbon electrodes for electro-chemical devices such as fuel cells, batteries and biosensors. He is the author of "Fundamentals of Microfabrication", considered the standard source for micro-scale research.

Other academic distinctions include: Distinguished Honorary Professor at IIT Kanpur; Chancellor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering; and Materials Scientist at SRI, Menlo Park.

He was VP of Advanced Technology for Nanogen 2001-2002

Dr. Madou received his Ph.D. from Rijksuniversiteit, Ghent, Belgium in Semiconductor Electrochemistry in 1978

David Westendorf
VP Business Development

David Westendorf, brings 18 years of consumer electronics and technology marketing and business development. He ran Palm's wireless group, worked for Kodak on their award-winning Wifi camera and on Kodak's JV with Motorola, licensed PocketScience technology to Palm, Audiovox, Sharp and JVC, and worked with numerous handset manufacturers while at Sprint.

Larry Lessler

Larry Lessler brings more than 25 years of finance, HR and business management. He has built cohesive finance and administrative infrastructures for companies such as Astreya Partners, Servgate Technologies, Apple Computer, PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Virtual Visits, Broadchoice and Third Millennium Online Products. Worked for Ernst & Young as a CPA. He is a member of the AICPA and California Society of CPA's (certified 1981), the NASPP (National Assoc. of Stock Plan Professionals), and the IIA.

Dr. Alejandro Garcia
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Alejandro Garcia - Professor of Physics at the department of Physics at San Jose State University. An expert in CFD and micro-fluidic simulation and numerical methods, Alex has been a professor for the past 20 years and has numerous scientific publications, including the book Numerical Methods for Physics, which has become a standard reference in the field.

Brian Goncher
Clean-Tech Investment Advisor

Brian Goncher - Clean-tech investor manager with Deloitte. Brian joined Deloitte & Touche in 2004 as part of their growing Early Stage Venture Capital practice. Brian has 21 years of financial and operating experience, including stints at Bank of America, four high-growth companies (Buyers Club, Gear 1, ArtSearch, and Astoria Software), Coopers & Lybrand, Frontier Ventures, and Crystal Ventures.

DLA Piper, LLP
Legal Advisors

Bradley J. Gersich, Corporate Attorney - Partner at DLA Piper. Bradley focuses his practice in emerging growth and venture capital and has advised on high-technology, networking, and biotechnology companies in venture capital/debt financings, and general operations.

Timothy Lohse, Patent Attorney - Patent attorney at DLA Piper. Timothy provides patent preparation and prosecution in mechanical, electromechanical, and electrical technologies, including medical devices, optical and electrical components and other complex electrical systems.

The Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation, located in Southern California, is the primary research and development lab of the US Air Force equipped with state of the art laboratories and advanced technology and innovation capabilities.

The ASC is working with Solera Labs on the development of the NexGen - 1 (Next Generation one) of solar technology involving the best team of engineers led by Dr. Henry Helvajian. Solera in return is employing two patented technologies of the ASC in their device particularly the MEMS linear pumps and the patented glass for micro fluidic application where the micro-channels of Solera device will be integrated in.

Andrew Quintero of the Aerospace Corp. is the Director of Technology Transfer and PI of Solera's project. Andy has actively coordinated between technology start-ups and aerospace and defense demands on innovative technology.

David Oppenheimer

David has over 25 years of experience in the development environments of high technology. David has spent the last three years forming a technology acceleration organization focusing on advanced sciences from federal labs, academic institutions and commercial entities. The primary areas of interest to the fund are advanced computing, nano-scale technologies, and energy segments for defense and commercial applications.


The company is currently funded by private investors and expects to fund future products and market development activities through a combination of Venture Capital funding as well as through other sources of capital expected to include grants form the US Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and agencies affiliated with the Government of Canada.